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Our Benefits

Brown's Preschool Fitness' curriculum can significantly benefit children and parents in the following areas of development: Health & Physical Education and Social & Emotional Growth. Within these areas of health, our curriculum focuses on various differentiating factors in order to promote complete wellness and optimal lifestyles among people during their primary, adolescence, and adult years. Children will learn to develop and practice healthy habits from a very young age (3+ years) into adulthood. Our play-based curriculum integrates an in-depth health and physical education program with academic skills in a learning environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for preschool-age children, ranging in ages 3-5. We offer very innovative activities which teaches children the necessary math and literacy skills to adequately prepare them for kindergarten so they can be successful. Subsequently, our children will develop the essential academic knowledge prosperously while learning to continuously employ an active and healthy daily lifestyle. Our school's curriculum strategically offers young children lucrative benefits in specific areas of human growth and development. They are as follows:

  Health & Physical Education 

  • Nutrition and/or Healthy Eating (i.e. learning to develop healthy eating habits by using food models such as MyPlate and MyPyramid as a guide to learn about the different food groups, implementing small portion sizes of food(s) on your plate, etc.)
  • Practice Appropriate Self-Care (i.e. learning to apply proper hygiene and grooming to our body, in addition to, treating an illness when sick with either medication and/or food; taking trips to visit your local physician, dentist, and/or pharmacy; receiving adequate sleep of at least 8 hours daily, practicing different First Aid and Safety procedures when an accident occurs, etc.)
  • The Human Body and Heart (i.e. learning about the anatomy and physiology of various organs, actively engaging in daily cardiovascular exercises, etc.)
  • The Five Senses (i.e. hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, and seeing)

  Emotional Developement

  • Identifying Various Emotions (i.e. happy, sad, angry, excited, worried, scared, etc.)
  • Managing Stress Techniques and Participating in Enjoyable Hobbies and/or Activities
  • Setting Goals and Making Appropriate Decisions
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Own Actions
  • Recognizing Personality Traits of Character Development (i.e. share, care, loyalty, generous, etc.)


  Social Development

  • Anti-Bullying and Verbal Communication Skills (i.e. learning to respect others, speaking in "I" language as opposed to "you" phrases, conversing in a moderate voice level and tone, waiting until the other person is finished talking, practicing active listening skills with others, etc.)
  • Conflict Solution Activities
  • Body Language Development and Various Facial Expressions
  • Navigating Friends & Family Relationships
  • Interpersonal Interactions with People and Our Environment (i.e. learning about the following within divergent settings: manners, etiquette, adhering to rules and consequences such as taking turns, raising your hand to speak, listening to the teacher, not damaging public and/or personal property of others, not talking to strangers, etc.)

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